domingo, dezembro 11, 2011

CRISE FINANCEIRA MUNDIAL: Fisk e a ditadura financeira

"I didn't need Charles Ferguson's Inside Job on BBC2 this week – though it helped – to teach me that the ratings agencies and the US banks are interchangeable, that their personnel move seamlessly between agency, bank and US government. The ratings lads (almost always lads, of course) who AAA-rated sub-prime loans and derivatives in America are now – via their poisonous influence on the markets – clawing down the people of Europe by threatening to lower or withdraw the very same ratings from European nations which they lavished upon criminals before the financial crash in the US. I believe that understatement tends to win arguments. But, forgive me, who are these creatures whose ratings agencies now put more fear into the French than Rommel did in 1940?"
Talentoso. Falei sobre essa picaretagem no Clube de Cultura terça e ontem estávamos comentando o assunto de novo, né Enéas? Muito bom esse artigo do Robert Fisk.

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